Making the SET Plan fit for the EU Green Recovery

Towards a cleaner and integrated energy system

The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) provides the framework for boosting the development and deployment of innovative clean energy technologies across Europe. Such technologies are needed in order to decarbonise the continent by 2050 and will contribute directly to meeting the objectives of the EU Green Deal. The current health and economic crisis offers the opportunity to direct our social and financial efforts towards building a greener and more sustainable Europe, leading to an innovative and competitive net-zero economy that leaves nobody behind.

The SET Plan enhances cooperation between governments, industry and research institutes to leverage the use of funding instruments, including the Next Generation EU recovery package. Channeling public and private investments towards the technologies needed for the energy transition is becoming crucial. The recent Clean Energy Transition Technologies and Innovations Report, together with the National Energy and Climate Plans, respectively provide the assessment and evidence needed on this, as well as setting out the policies and measures planned at national level in order to reach the climate and energy targets.

The research and innovation community is called upon to enhance cooperation in order to ensure that there is a rapid and efficient uptake and upscaling of technologies by the market based on a set of innovative regulatory and financial instruments. The SET Plan will serve as the bridge between the national and European R&I programmes for technological developments and the massive deployment needed across all economic sectors, in line with EU energy policies in fields such as energy system integration, hydrogen, off-shore Renewables, as well as the Renovation Wave.

Please find the latest version of the shortend programme here.

Please find the detailed programme here.